The Graduate Programme for University Leadership
  • The assessment centre really helped break the ice with some of the people I would be learning and working with in the future. The environment was very different to many other assessment centres, in that instead of being in competition with everyone people were supportive of one another.

  • Before the assessment centre I had been so nervous, but I ended up having a great time working with the other candidates. I gained not only the experience of taking part in an assessment centre, but I also made a few new friends along the way!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the assessment centre. For me, it was an excellent opportunity to speak to intelligent and interesting people about the programme and working in the sector in general.


Application Form: Opens 03 October 2018, closes midday 05 February 2019

Strengths-focused video interview: End of November 2018 – mid February 2019

Whole day Assessment Centre: one day, week beginning 11 or 18th March 2019 depending on institution

Offer and welcome letter to successful candidates: Week beginning 1 April 2019

Induction: 4-6 September 2019

Assessment centres will take place in March 2019. The dates for each institution are shown below:

Anglia Ruskin University - Friday 15th March 2019
Brunel - Friday 8th March 2019

Dundee - Thursday 14th March 2019
Glasgow - Monday 18th March 2019
Goldsmiths - Thursday 21st March 2019
Lancaster - Friday 15th March 2019
Nottingham - Wednesday 13th March 2019
QMUL - Tuesday 12th March 2019
Roehampton - Wednesday 20th March 2019
Sheffield Hallam - Tuesday 12th March 2019
SOAS - Wednesday 13th March 2019
UAL - Friday 22nd March 2019
UNIAC - Thursday 14th March 2019
Warwick - Tuesday 19th March and Wednesday 20th March 2019

We assess all candidates against our strengths assessment model, which examines the key strengths (areas of work which energise and motivate you) and the essential skills and behaviours for success on this programme. These include:

  • Motivational fit - do you understand the programme and what you will doing. Have you got the passion, enthusiasm and energy to make a difference?
  • Leadership - Taking a proactive role in influencing others. Showing initiative with a positive can-do attitude. Motivating colleagues.
  • Teamwork, respect and self-awareness – working collaboratively with a diverse range of people. Emotionally intelligent and mindful of your impact on others.
  • Bigger picture thinking - Understanding of the HE sector and how own work is aligned to and contributes to departmental success. Ability to plan and deliver within set policies, procedures and legal constraints.
  • Delivering results – Prioritising activities and finding creative ways around obstacles. Resilient under pressure and manages time effectively
  • Dealing with change - Taking on new challenges and seeing change as an opportunity to improve things. Ability to identify solutions and support others through the process.
  • Thinking innovatively - Considers issues from a number of different angles. Comes up with creative and original solutions. Spots opportunities to learn and develop.
  • Analysis and decision-making - Objective and methodical approach to analysis of information. Ability to make well-reasoned decisions and also when to defer.
  • Communication, influencing and knowledge-sharing - clear and effective written and verbal communication skills. Adapts communication style to the needs of the situation, audience and message. Listens and learns effectively from others.

Please refer to the hints and tips section to help you with each stage of the assessment process.

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