The Graduate Programme for University Leadership
  • The assessment centre really helped break the ice with some of the people I would be learning and working with in the future. The environment was very different to many other assessment centres, in that instead of being in competition with everyone people were supportive of one another.

    Kathleen Minett, UCL Trainee
  • Before the assessment centre I had been so nervous, but I ended up having a great time working with the other candidates. I gained not only the experience of taking part in an assessment centre, but I also made a few new friends along the way!

    Jonny Marshall, Lancaster Trainee
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the assessment centre. For me, it was an excellent opportunity to speak to intelligent and interesting people about the programme and working in the sector in general.

    Jessica Clark, Salford Trainee

Application Form: Opens 2 October 2017, closes midday 22 January 2018

Strengths-focused telephone/video interview: 13 November to 9 February 2018

Day in the Life Assessment Centre: one day, week beginning 12 or 19th March 2018 depending on institution

Offer and contract issued to successful candidates: Week beginning 2 April 2018

Induction: 5-7 September 2018

02/03/2018 Brunel University London
09/03/2018 University of the Arts London
12/03/2018 School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
12/03/2018 University of Nottingham
13/03/2018 Lancaster University
13/03/2018 Sheffield Hallam University
14/03/2018 University of Dundee
14/03/2018 The University of Manchester
14/03/2018 The University of Warwick
16/03/2018 University of Glasgow
19/03/2018 Goldsmiths University of London
21/03/2018 The Open University
23/03/2018 Birkbeck University of London

We assess all candidates against our strengths assessment model, which examines the key strengths (areas of work which energise and motivate you) and the essential skills and behaviours for success on this programme. These include:

  • Motivational fit - do you understand the programme and what you will doing, and have you the passion, enthusiasm and energy to make a difference?
  • Working with others - can you work collaboratively and effectively with others at all levels throughout each placement?
  • Delivering results - will you adopt a structured and planned approach to producing quality results?
  • Managing relationships - can you work closely with customers and students to define and meet their needs, and build relationships effectively?
  • Strategic thinking - do you think about wider issues, use resources effectively and adhere to policies and guidelines?
  • Dealing with change and thinking innovatively - can you generate new ideas and tackle change positively?
  • Analysis and decision-making - can you collate and analyse information effectively in order to make informed decisions?
  • Communication, influencing and knowledge-sharing - do you have clear and effective written and verbal communication skills?

Please refer to the hints and tips section to help you with each stage of the assessment process

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