The Graduate Programme for University Leadership
  • The scheme has allowed me learn more about not only how the Higher Education sector works, but also about myself, the areas I like to work in and the skills I enjoy using.

    Jonny Marshall, Lancaster Trainee
  • Moving placements every five months means that I have to adapt to newsituations and tasks, and I'm continually learning about different functions of a university.

    Kathleen Minett, UCL Trainee
  • I'm continually interacting with a huge range of people, from students (undergraduate and postgraduate; Home and International), to academics, to professional services staff and numerous external organisations.

    Laura Smyth, Lancaster Trainee
  • Presenting to hundreds of students across Europe on placement took my ability to a whole new level. Like the rest of the scheme - a life-changing experience!

    Jamie Pipkin, Kingston Trainee
  • I have had the opportunity to work closely with a wide range of people, expand my professional network and learn directly from professionals with a broad variety of backgrounds and expertise.

    Jessica Clark, Salford Trainee
  • The scheme has given me invaluable knowledge and skills in a diverse range of university departments.

    Georgie Chesman, Kingston Trainee
  • I have not only had the chance to work in an area relating to my degree (working in International), but I have discovered two new areas I never expected I would enjoy (medical science and research applications support). I enjoyed them so much that I'm now considering pursuing a career in one of these areas!

    Hayley Simpson, UCL Trainee
  • I've enjoyed working in a number of differing departments and gaining a greater understanding of the breadth of work that is carried out within a university.

    Anthony O'Hanlon, Leicester Trainee

In a constantly evolving and challenging sector, we take the development of high-quality future leaders very seriously. That's why Ambitious Futures will invest in your career development, expose you to a range of interesting business areas and work cultures - and ultimately enable you to become one of the industry's most influential senior figures.

A rotational programme

The opportunity to experience different universities and work areas will be invaluable to your development. It opens up new avenues of potential career paths and demonstrates that a career in this industry is not only interesting and varied but can be almost anything you want it to be.

You'll be employed by a host university (this may be the university from which you've graduated*) and will take part in an 18-month programme split into three placements. The first and last of these will be based at your host university, while the middle placement will take you to a different partner institution.

*Some universities will consider graduate trainees from any university.

The type of work you'll be involved in will be project-based and wide-ranging, offering many diverse and challenging opportunities. We aim for you to complete a variety of different projects in a fairly short space of time, and in many cases, you will be able to see the results of your work being implemented across the university.

Build your network

Our current trainees will tell you how much they've enjoyed and valued the opportunity to network with fellow graduates. Throughout the programme, you'll be brought together in clusters for group coaching sessions, and as a whole group for your eLAMP end of module workshops. It's an informal opportunity to share your experiences and learn about the career ambitions of your peers, as you move forward together into an exciting new future.

  • Your induction will start on the 5 September 2018, introducing you to the programme and the wide-ranging remit of the Higher Education sector.
  • As well as carrying out three rotational placements, you will also undertake a sector-specific leadership programme. The Emerging Leaders and Managers Program (eLAMP) is designed for new and aspiring University managers. This accredited programme provides accessible and relevant professional development for aspiring and current higher education managers. Through a programme of facilitated, blended learning, this course will enable trainees to develop their skills, knowledge and aptitudes to lead and manage effectively.
  • You will be allocated a mentor at your host university, giving you access to independent advice and guidance and an objective sounding board for ideas and issues


  • Careers Service
  • Alumni Relations
  • Finance
  • Press Office
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • International/ Study Abroad
  • Academic Research Centres
  • Student Admissions
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